Legion Builder: Quick Update 5/25/2015

Quick Legion Builder update: In most cases you will no longer have to manually remove the upgrades from a creature before removing the creature from your legion. However, depending on the order or combination of upgrades in your legion, this might … [Continue reading]

Young Black Dragon expansion added to Legion Builder

Wave 9: Black Dragon Vuthala and the Black Dragon plus these Upgrades have been added: Acid Breath Dissolve Loner Ambush True Strike Amulet of Health In addition to finishing up Wave 9, we've made fixes to a bunch of small errors … [Continue reading]

Griffon and Fire Cult Warrior (Wave 9) added to Legion Builder

Wave 9: Griffon Borion and the Griffon Predator plus these Upgrades have been added: Pounce Rake Keen Sight Anna Crimson Alfie Butterblade Pale Green Ioun Stone Wave 9: Fire Cult Warrior Bastian Embers and the Fire Cult Warrior plus these … [Continue reading]

Wave 7/8 Legion Builder links

Wave 7: Young Blue Dragon Ulharos and the Blue Dragon plus these Upgrades have been added: Lightning Breath Hubris Opportunist Snipe Ray of Sickness Necklace of Adaptation Wave 7: Earth Cult Warrior Valen Shatterhelm and the Earth Cult … [Continue reading]

Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing FAQ (3/26/15)

Update: There's already been an update to the FAQ and we've moved it to a new permanent place: http://dndaw.com/faq The Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing FAQ has been released on the Wizkids Rules Forum.. It's a PDF, which isn't the easiest thing … [Continue reading]

Pegasus Expansion added to Legion Builder (plus new features!)

Bellatoris and the Noble Pegasus plus these Upgrades have been added: Collision Barding Evasive Maneuvers Milo Timberheart Aurelia Death Ward Deep Red Ioun Stone Additionally, we've added a new feature and made a change to an existing … [Continue reading]

Happy Mother’s Day to the Queen of all Dragons!

... and all other mothers out there! … [Continue reading]

Premium 3: Ancient Silver Dragon: Ossalur

Who's Ossalur you ask? Ossalur is the third Premium figure, a huge Ancient Silver Dragon. Here are the links to his cards in the Legion Builder. Premium 3: Ancient Silver Dragon - Ossalur Ossalur plus these Upgrades have been added: Cold … [Continue reading]

Ulfgar Utility

Let's talk about Ulfgar Ironfist. This little figure packs a mean punch.  Ulfgar has pretty good stats and is the first Creature with three Equipment slots in the game, which gives him a lot more options when gearing up. However, before picking … [Continue reading]

Big Bad Bahamut added to Legion Builder

Sorry for the delay folks, but we're happy to announce that Bahamut has now been added to the Legion Builder. Premium 2: Bahamut Bahamut and these Upgrades have been added: Cold Breath Disintegration Breath Crush King of the Good … [Continue reading]