Chimera (OP5 Prize) Preview Video and some silliness …

That Teri Girl is still going strong, with another preview of another Organized Play prize:



While we wait for the cards to go up into the Legion Builder …

Burning Ballista, Swooping Dragon is also proud to present to you a one-act performance by the Chimera:

Goathead played by … Chimera’s goat head.
Dragonhead played by … Chimera’s dragon head.
Lionhead played by … Chimera’s lion head.

The scene opens with the lovely chimera flying home after a successful hunt.

GOATHEAD is humming and begins to sing.

GOATHEAD: Chim Chimera, Chim Chimera, Chim Chim, Cher-ee …

DRAGONHEAD, growling: No.

LIONHEAD, rolling his eyes: Oh, please. Not again.

DRAGONHEAD, carefully enunciating each syllable: It’s Kai-mare-ah.

GOATHEAD, now grinning: Keymera?

DRAGONHEAD, frowning: KAI-mare-ah.

GOATHEAD, slowly, over-enunciating the word: Cam-er-a?

LIONHEAD, pleading with DRAGONHEAD: Don’t let him bait you, Dragonhead …

DRAGONHEAD, screeching in fury: KAI-MARE-AH!”

LIONHEAD, threatening: I swear, I will steer you both into the next mountainside!

GOATHEAD, glances over LIONHEAD’S head at DRAGONHEAD, catching DRAGONHEAD’s eye.

GOATHEAD, smirking: Whoa there, Kitty Perry, are we gonna hear you roar?


GOATHEAD, with a falsely apologetic face: I’m sorry, didn’t mean to get your Goat!

DRAGONHEAD, snickering and grinning at GOATHEAD: Yeah, we’re sorry, we didn’t mean to let this argument … DRAGON!

GOATHEAD, giggling then yelling: Don’t horn in on my joke!

LIONHEAD, rolling his eyes in frustration: Why am I stuck with you two?

DRAGONHEAD, grinning at LIONHEAD now: We’re sorry, Liono, you know we’re manely joking.”

There is silence for a few long seconds as the Chimera flies majestically.

GOATHEAD, whispering with a loud, exaggerated whisper: We’re not really sorry … we were lion …

LIONHEAD whimpers.


Oh look, cards are ready.

Torquo and the Chimera Predator plus these Upgrades have been added:

Corrosive Breath
Demonic Assault
Aggressive Surge
Iron Will

Hieracopshinx (OP4 Prize) Preview Video

That Teri Girl is back again, with another preview of another Organized Play prize:

Here are the cards (and, oh look, they’re in the Legion Builder already!):

Wave OP4 – Hieracosphinx:

Seti-Ram and the Hieracosphinx Mauler plus these Upgrades have been added:

Teri, where is the OP3 prize video?

More pictures from Toy Fair 2015

The folks over at ICv2 have some nice close-up pics on their web page. Give them some traffic love for sharing. Thanks to Raviv for pointing these out to us!

New D&D Elemental Evil minis (note that any of these could end up being figures used for Attack Wing)

More new D&D Elemental Evil minis (note that any of these could end up being figures used for Attack Wing)

Some of the figures recently revealed by Tom Vassel:

Gold Dragon


Stone Giant

Young Bronze Dragon

Drow Elf Ranger

Red Dracolich

Our first returning figure, from the look of it:

White Dragon – note that he is not labeled an Ancient White Dragon though … (now this actually correctly points at the white dragon …)

and some new figures for Attack Wing:

Shield Dwarf Fighter – why does he fight shields? Did one kill his father?


Young Blue Dragon

Earth Cult Warrior

Water Cult Warrior

I think the Young Blue is still my personal favorite.

Spoilers about upcoming Organized Play events

Over on a German forum for DNDAW, “Dragon’s Hollow”  (apologies to my German friends if I’ve butchered that), a retailer has revealed that an upcoming chapter of Organized Play is titled “Elemental Evil.”

Hmm …

Wizards of the Coast recently updated their Elemental Evil webpage, but it does not yet contain any hints as to what might be joining the Attack Wing universe on the page. It does have a link to the WizKids minis page, that so far, there’s been no official notice of EE tie-ins yet.

Of course, sharp-eyed fans have spotted some interesting figures in the wild:

Zoom in on that image and it looks like there’s a “Water Cult Warrior” in the upper left and some sort of “Dwarf Fighter” on the bottom left, plus a good look at the Pegasus and a wee little Blue Dragon!

“Enhance!” (/mad typing on keyboard) “Zoom in a little more?” (/really hammering on keyboard)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Drat. Our crack engineering team tells me just yelling enhance and typing doesn’t magically enlarge and sharpen pictures …)

What kind of Dwarf Fighter is that? Someone guessed Gold. Runed maybe?

What’s your favorite of the newly discovered critters?

I like the tiny blue dragon, myself. I will name him George and I will  love him and hug him …



Waves 4 and 5 now available on the Legion Builder

Shh … the DungeonMaster has gone to sleep! Don’t wake her!

All the Wave 4 and Wave 5 Creatures have been added to the Legion Builder.

Here we go … (/takes a deep breath)

Wave 4: Gargoyle:

Malebolge and the Gargoyle Guardian plus these Upgrades have been added:

Wave 4: Gold Dragon

Pacatus and the Gold Dragon plus these Upgrades have been added:

Wave 4: Stone Giant

Ancoram and the Stone Giant Hurler plus these Upgrades have been added:

Wave 5: Drow Elf Ranger

Drizzt Do’Urden (squeee!) and the Underdark Ranger plus these Upgrades have been added:

Wave 5: Red Drocolich

Maurghoros and the Red Dracolich plus these Upgrades have been added:

Wave 5: Young Bronze Dragon

Eyruaad and the Bronze Dragon plus these Upgrades have been added:

Good luck theory-crafting!

(/passes out)


Waves 4 and 5 revealed by Tom Vassel of Dice Tower

Wave 4 consists of Gargoyle, Gold Dragon, and a Stone Giant. Wave 5 consists of the Drow Elf Ranger, Red Dracolich, and Young Bronze Dragon.

Wait a minute! Drow Elf Ranger. You know what that means!

Wave 4:

Wave 5:

Tom also did reviews for Waves 2 and 3:

Wave 2:

Wave 3:

Premium Brass Dragon announced

Wow! This will be the third Brass Dragon figure announced by Wiz Kids.

The first was Sivart, the prize for the second Organized Play event (everyone went out and won one, right?).

The second is a details-not-yet-revealed unit from Wave 8. Here he is from the solicitation sheet:


And now they’ve announced a new Premium version:


It’s going to bring a whole new meaning to the expression, “That guy’s got a lot of brass!”

Happy Harpy Hitters!

Wiz Kids continues releasing more information, for the Harpy this time, only short days after giving us the Wyvern’s cards. Again, no Ground Maneuver card (probably because it is on the backside of the Flight Maneuver card).

Sycorax is her name, and multi-claw attacks are her game.

If Sycorax inflicts at least 1 damage against a Creature with her first Claw attack, she may immediately make a second Claw attack against the same Creature.

We can also talk about some of the very interesting Upgrades that come with the Harpy expansion, like:

Captivating Song:

Action: Place 1 DT on this Upgrade.
Continuous Effect: You cannot make any attacks except the attacks that are triggered by this Effect. Whenever any non-Harpy Creature declares an attack within Range 1 – 2 of you in any direction (ground and air), use your Primary Weapon Value to make an immediate Ranged Thunder attack against that Creature. This attack penetrates armor. If you inflict at least 1 damage against the Creature, it sustains no damage but cannot attack this round. When this Effect ends for any reason, discard this card.
Must be a Harpy to equip.

So, a Harpy can take an action that lets her make an attempt to shutdown all attempts to attack, except from other Harpy Creatures withing 6 inches of her in all directions.  That’s more than 12 inches in diameter, or more than a third of the playing area! That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Wicked Tongue:

Action: Disable this Upgrade and then place 1 DT on it to force 1 Creature at Range 1 – 2 in your forward arc to receive the Continuous Effect below.
Continuous Effect: The affected Creature cannot roll more than 3 dice each time that it attacks or defends. This does not affect the number of dice that the Creature can re-roll.
Must be a Harpy to equip

 Ok, these harpies are pretty impressive. She stares you down and you just don’t get to roll more than 3 dice. Sorry Lord Maximillian, you only get three defense dice. Sorry Balagos, I know you’re angry, but Harpy’s just not impressed.

Harpy hears you. Harpy doesn’t care.

There’s more, but again, discovery is fun, so I leave it up to you. Here are the rest of the cards:

… but what I really want to know is what is in the scenario that comes with the Harpy Expansion:

Harpy-stuff… what has Manny O’Donnell cooked up that requires this:

poopMr. O’Donnell, why is there a pooping token?

I’m tempted to ask the audience to come up with their best guesses, but perhaps we should just wait for an official answer this time.

Instead, let’s talk about which of the cards above is the most exciting. For me, it has to be Wicked Tongue. It can change the entire way the game is being played and shut down a one-hit-wonder style Legion.

What are you looking forward to in this expansion?

Wild Worrisome Wyverns

So WizKids revealed everything about the Wyvern Expansion set except for the Ground Manuevers.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at what’s coming in this Expansion.

BlackthornFirst, the unique named Creature is “Blackthorn.” That’s already pretty awesome! Let’s compare him to the generic version of a Wyvern.

Blackthorn is 3 levels higher, has 1 Agility compared to the generic’s 0, 2 additional Monster Upgrade slots, and finally a pretty nice unique ability:

Instead of attacking normally, Blackthorn may make 1 Bite attack and 1 Tail attack; neither attack can be initiated from the “Attack:” text on an Upgrade.

So if you’re good at maneuvering, you can position yourself to be between two enemy units (or fly so you overlap a ground unit, then glide past them to get a front arc attack on another unit and a rear attack on the unit you just passed!

All those differences for only 6 points!

What do we get to give the Wyverns? We’ll take a quick look at a few highlights!


Disable this Upgrade to make a Primary Weapon Tail Attack against a Creature at Range 1 – 2 in your rear arc. Roll +2 attack dice during this attack. This attack is considered a Poison attack.

A 6 die attack, even from the generic version of the Wyvern, with the possibility of a Target for re-rolls or a Charge to position yourself behind a ground Creature (no +1 for rear arc attacks after a Charge, but you still get 6 dice). Pretty good for 5 points!

Deadly Venom:

During the Combat Phase, you may target 1 non-Poison Creature that was just damaged by your Poison attack. That Creature receives the Continuous Effect below. Place 2 DT on this Upgrade.

Continuous Effect: At the start of the End Phase, the affected Creature must flip one of its face down Damage Cards face up; the affected Creature chooses the card at random and immediately suffers its effects. If the Creature does not have any face down Damage Cards, it receives 1 face down Damage Card instead.

The obvious follow-up to the Stinger attack, this Upgrade will convert Damage a creature has already sustained into a Critical Effect! That’s incredibly strong. If the Creature has removed all Damage Cards, through healing for example, then Deadly Venom does another damage! Additionally, this ignores all armor!


During a Primary Weapon Melee attack against a Creature at Range 1, you may convert 1 of your blank results into 1 Hit result.

Another good card. For 3 points, you can convert a blank result against a Creature at Range 1 to a Hit! Also a nice card for any other Monster Creature type, such as Lord Max, Jarl Horn, or the Aarakocra!

Or give it to the generic Wraith, who can only attack at Range 1, and take a Concentrate maneuver. Now, as long as you can get in close, you are guaranteed at least 1 hit that penetrates armor because Hit count, Critical Hits count, Concentrates can convert to a Hit, and 1 blank converts to a Hit. Suddenly that little Wraith is a little scary.

There’s more of course, but I think part of the fun is discovering the combinations yourself, so pop over to the Legion Builder, select Wyvern from the Set dropdown menu, and check out what’s available!

Wyvern and other neutral tease

Over on Board Game Geek, Andrew Parks dropped some more teaser information.

Here are the highlights, but head over there and read the details:

  1. Wyverns are vicious, have a fierce bite and tall attack that is “as powerful as that of a medium strength dragon.”
  2. The named wyvern is “sometimes striking with teeth and tail during the same round.”
  3. A wyvern’s tail has a stinger with powerful poison that’s “as strong as Balagos’ bite when he’s really angry.”
  4. The wyvern’s stinger can also cause wounds that “may fester and impede your abilities in unpredictable ways.”
  5. In the air, wyverns can “grab their targets with both claws” and allowing for an extra tail attack. Andrew says “This is the only way in Attack Wing so far to make a tail attack from your forward arc.”
  6. A “ferocious wyverns is much less likely to let an attack slip by without scoring at least 1 hit.” Andrew also says that “many monsters are ferocious.”
  7. Wyverns (and other monsters) are alert, making it harder to hit them from a medium range.
  8. Wyverns have treasures, perhaps a “small dagger” that “may have sulfuric properties that seep through armor and continue to damage an opponent over time.”

In the same thread, Andrew says that the wyverns aren’t as strong as dragons and that dragon upgrades will not work on them.

So, a PMV like a medium strength dragon (Eshaedra, 4?), an attack that is as strong as an angry Balagos (6?), some sort of tail follow-up attack, and more.

The wyvern expansion sounds like a lot of fun! I can’t wait to see what Shirley has!

Finally, Andrew also lets us know that stone giants, the wood elf druid, and griffons are all neutral.