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Legion Builder update! Now with set filtering.

We’ve added the ability to filter the Legion Builder based on which sets you own (or want to search through). The information gets saved in your local storage, so if you clear your cache, it will clear the saved sets.

Click the settings button on the upper right and you’ll see a list of all the sets. There’s a clear all and select all button. Create your list of sets and click close and no longer will you be teased by that one card you wish you had.



As always, Catsync did all the work, I’m just here to type it up and get credit.

Feb 2016 Update – Young Green and Undead Red!

We’ve added the latest revealed sets to the Dungeon Builder.

Wave 10: Young Green Dragon

Young Green Dragon set

Young green mean machine.

Chuth and the Green Dragon plus these Upgrades have been added:

Poison Breath
Debilitating Poison
Eyes of the Eagle

OP 13: Othroden – Red Dracolich

Othroden plus these Upgrades have been added:

Fiendish Tyrant
Foul Scheme
Hunger of Hadar

OP 13’s participation prize: Cloak of Invisibility

Jan 2016 Update: Goblins, Ogre Mages, Driders, and Shadow Beholders!

Here’s a January update with the Goblins, Ogre Mage, Driders, and Shadow Beholder expansions!

Goblins expansion!

Grixom's Raiders

These guys are real troopers!

Grixom’s Raiders 1Grixom’s Raiders 2Grixom’s Raiders 3Grixom’s Raiders 4Grixom’s Raiders 5Grixom’s Raiders 6
Goblin Raiders 1Goblin Raiders 2Goblin Raiders 3Goblin Raiders 4Goblin Raiders 5Goblin Raiders 6

Heave Goblin
Goblin Conscripts
Sack of Rotten Meat
Malicious Glee
Plan of Attack
Dust of Disappearance


Ogre Mage

Ogre? I don’t even know her!

Wave 10: Ogre Mage expansion!

Monstrous Regeneration
Magic Glaive
Cone of Cold
Gaseous Form
Wand of the War Mage



Drider? I still don’t even know her

OP 12 Prize: Drider expansion!

Monstrous Hunter
Venomous Bite
Exploit Weakness
Poison Bow
OP 12 Participation Prize:
Ancient Lore



Beholder? I’d love to!


OP 10-12 Grand Prize: Shadow Beholder!
Break Resistance
Antimagic Cone
Paralyzing Ray
Death Ray
Enervation Ray