Some Wave 3 Hints – Silver Dragon

DragonCrawlersRadio interviewed Andrew Parks, one of the Lead Designers for Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing, and he let out a few spoilers about the Silver Dragon and a little more.

Here’s her picture again, from the initial solicitation sheet:

Silver Dragon

Silver Dragon

Andrew let out the following about the Silver Dragon expansion:

  • The named version is a she.
  • She is the highest level creature in the game so far.
  • She will be be the highest point creature in the game so far (meaning she’s at least 51 points, as Lord Maximilian is 50).
  • The Silver Dragon expansion will have some “unusual” spells that you “wouldn’t expect” in a miniature game.
  • The Silver Dragon is an Ancient Silver Dragon.
  • The Silver Dragon has a way spell that allows her to travel in a way that does “not use legs or wings”.

Andrew let us know that Manny, the other Lead Designer for DND:AW, is mostly focused on the adventures, so if you like those, send him your thanks!

When one of the interviewers asked about a tarrasque, Andrew said it wasn’t currently planned and also pointed out that creatures must be able to fly or have ranged attacks to be considered for the game.

Andrew also left a bonus tease at the end of the interview when asked about a favorite Creature so far. He mentioned a Dwarven Fighter (from Wave 6) who is a “total ass kicker” and who can hold more equipment than any other Creature so far.

Finally, he let us know that the team is already working on Wave 9! Since each figure has a generic and a unique, that means that between the three dragons in the starter, the 7 creatures in wave 1, and three figures each in waves 2-8, 62 Creatures have already been created!

… I think I’m going to need more storage.

Update 1: A user named Chris pointed out that there is already an exception to the ranged/flyer rule, the Human Paladin, but the paladin expansion comes with a card called Challenge which lets you, as a free action, force a flyer to soar or land! Thanks, Chris!

Update 2: Andrew also let us know a bit about one of the “most iconic characters,” a certain Drow Ranger in Wave 5 (expected in March), who is a “butt-kicker in this game” and who has his “figurine of wondrous power” and “so many really awesome things from the books.”

Update 6: Added that the Dwarven Fighter is in Wave 6.


  1. I forgot to even mention the Drizzt teasers!

  2. Considering the Tarrasque is like, 80 feet tall, it should just have a special ability or upgrade “Reach – This unit may use it’s melee attack on flying creatures even if it is on the ground. This upgrade can only be equipped to creatures that have a Colossal base”

  3. Wonder if that named silver dragon could be Miirym “The Sentinel Wyrm”?

  4. I thought we already knew the basic contents of the waves up to 6?
    (Including that ranger that keeps popping up all over the place.)

  5. Harold Bloodaxe says:

    Funny you should mention it! With the OP Month 2 kits running slightly behind schedule, our local gaming store is running a special in-house scenario with a special guest this month: the Terrasque, which can deliver a massive attack to land or ground creatures at range four.