Happy New Year!

Hello players!

Happy New Year to all the dragons, giants, and humans out there!

We brought the game over to show some friends and let them pick out teams, then helped build their forces.

The teams were Jarl Horn, Calamity, and an Elven Spellcaster vs alternate universe Jarl Horn (I’m pretty sure I saw a goatee) and Lord Maximilian.

It was a fun game overall, but there was one great exchange that we wanted to share.

  1. The Elven Spellcaster slowly moved forward and targeted at the end of her move.
  2. Calamity moved into a support position behind Jarl and the Elf.
  3. Lord Max maneuvered into position next to the elf, and out of her front arc.
  4. The two Jarls ended up moving past one another. Alternate-Universe Jarl threw a rock and managed to score a damage against Calamity. Calamity’s Jarl had no possible targets.
  5. Lord Max got in a nasty attack against the Elven Spellcaster, killing her in one strike and created an undead spawn behind the elf. Now two wraiths and Jarl were all staring at the ballista.
  6. Calamity fired a devastating attack, rolling 2 Hits and 3 Critical hits!
  7. Lord Max managed to roll three dodge results, leaving only 2 Critical Hits to deal with. The first: Double Damage! The second: Hamstring.
  8. The Elf used the last of her life force, and her target, to fire off a Magic Missile, dealing the last point of damage to Lord Maximilian  sending Lord Maximilian, and his spawn, to their final resting place!

In one quick series of attacks, the Wraiths and Elf are cleared from the board, but there’s more:

  1. Calamity tentatively moves forward. His ally, Jarl pivots in the hopes of catching his twin from behind, but enemy Jarl surges forward to stand just before Calamity.
  2. Goatee-Jarl charges and smashes Calamity, dealing 2 Hits and 3 Critical Hits, none of which will prevent Calamity from taking his final attack.
  3. Calamity’s attack sends the ballista bolt clearly through Jarl with 1 Hit, 2 Concentrates, and 3 Critical Hits. Calamity uses Dwarven Precision to convert the Concentrates into Critical Hits, giving him 1 Hit and 5 Critical Hits. Jarl used his Blackguard’s Mail to convert one of those Critical Hits into a regular Hit, and then to absorb the 2 Hits, leaving 4 Critical Hits.
  4. One of those Critical Hits was Crushed and alternate-universe Jarl rolled a hit for an extra damage. A second of those Critical Hits was the second another Double Damage in the deck, resulting in 5 damage and finishing off Jarl.

At the end of the round, Jarl Horn stood along on the battlefield.

A really fun game!

Have you had, or seen, any great gaming moments during your Dungeon and Dragons: Attack Wing games?


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