Exploring Unique Abilities

With 19 revealed unique Creatures, we already have a wide variety of special abilities, starting from the first three dragons:


Believe it or not, you want to get closer to Eshaedra!

Balagos rolls +1 attack die whenever he attacks a Creature who possesses fewer Damage Cards than he has.

Eshaedra rolls +1 attack die and +1 defense die whenever she is in combat at Range 3 or 4.

After performing a “4” or “5” Maneuver, Galadaeros rolls +2 defense dice against every attack for the remainder of the round.

to our most recently revealed abilities, such as:

Umberlis rolls +1 attack die whenever he attacks a Creature that does not have him in its forward arc.

Arveiaturace may equip the Close Quarters Upgrade for 0 LP. Each time she attacks with her Claws, she rolls +1 attack die.

Some of them have great synergy in the game, while others are just fun to play!

Have you found some of the great combinations you can already do?

Big Bully Balagos just gets meaner if you’re not as injured as he is! This works with any damage dealing attack.

Extra Sneaky Sniper Eshaedra likes to hit from a distance. Give her extra chances to do so by equipping her with attack spells, plus Prayer!

Unpredictable Umberlis gets an extra attack die against anyone he can sneak up on! Give him the Ebon Cloak and he can feint out of his enemy’s arc to suddenly get himself an extra attack die!

Acrobatic Arveiaturace will tear off your face if you let her get in close while she has the Close Quarters and the Aerobat Amulet and Haste.

Do you have a favorite?

Share it with us (bonus points for alliteration or assonance)!


  1. What about poor Galadaeros?

  2. Arveiaturace with haste and close quarters (6×4 attack dice) is one heck of an ouch!

  3. Green Draken says:

    Unpredictable Umberlis is my favorite so far, add Invisibility, and he become one with the shadow gaining a crazy bonus to Defense. and preventing anyone from using target tokens against him until he is ready to strike.

  4. Maxamillion, best ability in the game so far on its own

    • Yes, a clever player can do a lot with Maximilian’s extra movement, which works with both his Wingover and his Reverse!