Angels and Dragon and Birds, oh my!

Hello there!

Wave 2 has been out for a few days, so at least some of you have gotten your hands on some Movanic Angels, Shadow Dragons, and Aarakocra (and a bonus Air Elemental!).

The translucent Shadow Dragon figure looks great, the Movanic Angel’s pose is very cool, but I love seeing the swarm of Aarakocra flying across the table!

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Which is your favorite?

What is your favorite new Upgrade? Holy Warhammer, Frightful Presence, Summon Air Elemental, or perhaps something else?


  1. What does the Shadow Dragon’s Shadow Keyword do?

  2. Believe it or not, we posted it in our Glossary of Special Terms and then forgot to mention it … or to put an easy to find the link to the Glossary on the site.

    Thanks for asking, because it reminded us to fix that. If you’ll scroll back up you’ll find a list of links at the top of the column of the left, including, so far, the Legion Builder and Glossary.

    Thanks again, Johan!

  3. On a screen with a small enough resolution, you’ll have to scroll down to see the links!