Santagos is here!

santagosSantagos is here!

He’s promised not to eat anyone until he gets hungry!

Go sit on his lap and tell us what Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing figures you want!

What are you looking forward to most for DnDAW?

More dragons? The Mind Flayer? The Beholder?

Let Santagos know!


  1. Santagos, I want more dragons!

  2. Santagos, more troops and- more importantly- more troop upgrades!

  3. More competitive play events and fan base support!

  4. Gem Dragons.

  5. Griffins would be pretty awsome

  6. Terrence Rideau says:

    Dwarves and more infantry types!!!

  7. Frank DiVincenzo says:

    Younger dragons. Perhaps even a “troop squad” of younger dragons.

  8. More giants… Like the fire giant. Of course the mentioned Mind Flayer and The Beholder would be awesome.

  9. James Jones says:

    Tarrasque, please.


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