It’s here! It’s here!

The game is out!

Sorry we have not posted anything recently, the game came out and, well, we got distracted for a bit!

So much AWESOME!

So, what did you all pick up?

We got one of everything.  There was only one serious issue, the Dwarven Ballista’s level/release was broken off and loose in the package. I’ll contact WizKids and see about getting a replacement part, which you can also do by visiting:

There were also some minor issues, like Balagos’ wings, so I’ll be using the information Teri Litorco shared in her Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing – Model Makeovers Video to help Balagos spread his wings a bit!

My favorite sculpt, at least so far, is the Frost Giant. He just looks amazing:


What’s your favorite sculpt?


  1. In terms of simple aesthetics? Probably the Green Dragon. But for gameplay, it’s a difficult decision!

    I love the flight and armor pen abilities on the Wraiths, but have found that somewhat offset by their more limited mobility. Going with Lord Max over the generic Wraith mitigates this quite a bit, but 50 points is no small ask- and that’s before any upgrades!

    The smaller, tricksier Dragons (Green and Copper) are loads of fun to play in aerial skirmishes. So far the balancing between the Dragons seems reasonable, as being able to feint and have a more agile turning path.

    Eshaedra is probably my favorite Dragon of the moment, though, as keeping foes at length for her dice bonuses and balance between upgrades (Draconic, Priest, AND Mage- yes please) seems a good fit for my playstyle.

    Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the humble Dwarven Ballista. Since I own a game store, I look at products sometimes with an eye to how they look to the consumer, and I was pretty underwhelmed by this one more than any other. “It doesn’t even have a DWARF on it,” I thought.

    The Dwarven Ballitsa- and Calamity in particular- has proven to be one of the models I’ve had the most fun with. So much so, in fact, that I’ll be picking up a few more to see how well a Ballista-heavy build fares. It moves at the speed of smell, sure, but that range! Those dice!

    Those have been the breakouts for me thus far, and like you I’ve got the full Wave I. Of course, the more I play the more I’m sure to find things that work better than others. I’ve experienced the level of depth involved with X-Wing’s upgrade and ability synergies, and am looking forward to the same experience here.

    Keep up the great work on the site, by the way! Looking forward to reading more!

  2. I was only talking in terms of the sculpt and haven’t addressed the gameplay yet, but the two ballista creatures do indeed pack a lot of punch.

    Lord Max is expensive (the highest cost so far), but his unique ability makes him incredibly mobile and effective. Add his armor penetration to that and he is scary — which is appropriate for an undead monster!

  3. I’m with you on the Frost Giant scuplt!

    Also, I’ve already added a toothpick bolt and a dwarf to my ballista.

  4. I am DYING over here!! My lgs still doesn’t have my starter box that I ordered! Who says patience is a virtue?!
    I am fairly certain that my brain is about to implode waiting for this game…
    I will probably glut myself on all Wave 1 models though… I will have a hard time pacing myself I feel