Holiday Gaming

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers!

We had a chance to show the game to our nephews on Thanksgiving and they loved it.

Balagos and Galaderos faced off against Jarl Horn and EshaedraJarl Horn and Galaderos both took Upgrades that increased their armor to 2, which meant that all four Creatures had 2 armor.

Our nephews rolled quite well, but with 2 armor on everyone and some poor maneuvering choices, it was hard for them to get any damage through.

Eshaedra was the MVP of the game, getting 3 hits and 1 critical hit with her Lightning Breath on the previously uninjured Balagos. The critical effect was Stunned (prevents a Creature from attacking) leaving Balagos unable to retaliate that turn or the next!

The kids had a great time playing it and we had a great time showing them the game.

They liked it so much, we’ll be mentioning it to Santa.


  1. Always thought only older teens would comprehend dnd, glad the young-ins could enjoy it!