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Santagos is here!

santagosSantagos is here!

He’s promised not to eat anyone until he gets hungry!

Go sit on his lap and tell us what Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing figures you want!

What are you looking forward to most for DnDAW?

More dragons? The Mind Flayer? The Beholder?

Let Santagos know!

Angels and Dragon and Birds, oh my!

Hello there!

Wave 2 has been out for a few days, so at least some of you have gotten your hands on some Movanic Angels, Shadow Dragons, and Aarakocra (and a bonus Air Elemental!).

The translucent Shadow Dragon figure looks great, the Movanic Angel’s pose is very cool, but I love seeing the swarm of Aarakocra flying across the table!

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Which is your favorite?

What is your favorite new Upgrade? Holy Warhammer, Frightful Presence, Summon Air Elemental, or perhaps something else?

Legion Builder and phones…

Hey, all!

I’ve seen a few comments here and there about people having trouble using the Legion Builder on phones / small screens, so I wanted to highlight some of the steps we’ve taken to make the mobile experience better, and open up a discussion about what troubles still exist on small devices.

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Wave 2 Added to Builder: Movanic Deva Angel, Black Shadow Dragon, and Aarakocra Troop

We’ve added the Wave 2 sets to the Legion Builder:

  • Movanic Deva Angel – Sarpiel
  • Black Shadow Dragon – Umberlis
  • Aarakocra Troop


The Aarakocra Troop so far only has stats for one soldier. We’ll add more stats soon as they are available.

Update: All the troop stats are now in the  builder!


Geek Dad Review

John Booth from Geek Dad reviews the Starter Set:

Here’s my favorite bit:

I really enjoyed the three-player games using the starter set, and we’ve got plans to play more using some of the ground force expansions, and tackling the two adventure scenarios included in the starter set, which add some situational rules and different victory conditions. I could also see creative dungeon masters working a session or two of Attack Wing into an ongoing D&D campaign, just for fun.

Go read the rest!

Big Bad Bahamut!

WizKids has announced Bahamut, the King of the Good Dragons, as an available figure for Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing. Here he is:


He’s huge, with a 6″ by 6″ base. Even moving one forward means advancing 7.5 inches across the map!

He should be available in April 2015.

Will you be picking him up?


Legion Builder: Now with Maneuver Cards

I’ve updated the Legion Builder with these changes:

  • Printing now supports up to 10 creatures.
  • The card detail view now shows movement cards.
  • Hazirawn will no longer treat “Breath Weapon”s as another equipped weapon.

Remember: to get to the card detail view, you click on the link-iconnext to the card you want to view, or click on “Show Movement Card” from the preview panel.

I don’t have images yet for the maneuver arrows, but I’m amused by the ASCII-art arrows, so maybe we’ll keep it that way 🙂 What do you think?


Holiday Gaming

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers!

We had a chance to show the game to our nephews on Thanksgiving and they loved it.

Balagos and Galaderos faced off against Jarl Horn and EshaedraJarl Horn and Galaderos both took Upgrades that increased their armor to 2, which meant that all four Creatures had 2 armor.

Our nephews rolled quite well, but with 2 armor on everyone and some poor maneuvering choices, it was hard for them to get any damage through.

Eshaedra was the MVP of the game, getting 3 hits and 1 critical hit with her Lightning Breath on the previously uninjured Balagos. The critical effect was Stunned (prevents a Creature from attacking) leaving Balagos unable to retaliate that turn or the next!

The kids had a great time playing it and we had a great time showing them the game.

They liked it so much, we’ll be mentioning it to Santa.

New Cards Added: Paladin / Ontharr Frume

We’ve added the Human Paladin / Ontharr Frume booster cards to the Legion Builder.

Here’s the unboxing video.


New Cards Added! Rezmir: Half Black Dragon Fighter, and Rath Modar:Red Wizard

We’ve added cards to the Legion Builder for:

Half Black Dragon Fighter / Rezmir (unboxing video)

Red Wizard / Rath Modar (unboxing video)