Updates to Legion Builder

I just pushed some updates to the Legion Builder: New Features: On a creature: click an upgrade type icon, or an empty upgrade slot, to show upgrades of that type. Hovering the mouse over an equipped upgrade will now show that upgrade's … [Continue reading]

Videos from Teri Litorco

Here are a few new DND:AW videos, posted to YouTube by Teri Litorco:   First, a Starter Set unboxing: And a playthrough! Interested in customizing your dragons? Check out:   Check out more of Teri's videos on … [Continue reading]

Starter Set First Play Suggestions

The Starter set will be flying in in the near future, so we thought we would offer a suggestion on how to jump right in without getting overwhelmed by options! If you're playing with 3 players, it's fairly easy to divide up the … [Continue reading]

FAQ: Do area attacks hit both ground and air, or only one level?

Area attacks say "make a separate attack against each Creature (ground or air)". Do they hit both ground and air, or only one level? Check out page 18 of the rulebook: Most area attacks specify “ground or air.” When initiating such an area … [Continue reading]

Wave 1 Campaign Adventure Order

Each expansion comes with an adventure. They can be played in order to form a Campaign. The optimal order to play the Wave 1 adventures is: Green Dragon Wraith Sun Elf Wizard Frost Giant Dwarven Ballista Hobgoblin Troop Sun Elf Troop … [Continue reading]

The Legion Builder is Online

The D&D Attack Wing Legion Builder is now online at build.dndaw.com It currently includes the Starter set and Wave 1 expansions. We did our best to make sure there are no errors in the database, but if you spot anything wrong please contact us … [Continue reading]


(Update: 9/29/2014) Our best info has the release date as October 22 for both the Starter Set and Wave 1 Expansions.   Just for the record: we are not WizKids. Right now the release date countdown is set to October 1st - but we're … [Continue reading]

Welcome to Burning Ballista, Swooping Dragon

We just put up the countdown clock for the release of Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing! When the game releases, we will be opening up the web-based Legion Builder for general use. Features include... You focus on strategy, we'll do all the … [Continue reading]