In related news … Wizards/Wiz Kids announce Elemental Evil line of miniatures

As you may or may not know, Wizards of the Coast and Wiz Kids recently announced a new line of minis, this time focusing on Elemental Evil: Since some of the same … [Continue reading]

Multi-Element Support in Legion Builder

The Legion Builder now has better support for  creatures with multiple elements. That is all. :)   … [Continue reading]

Bronze Dragon (OP 3 Prize) and Solar Angel (OP 6 Prize) revealed

Looks like Teri Litorco cannot be stopped as she reveals two more Organized Play prizes. The long lost OP3, which Teri teased way back in 2008 (ok, maybe not that long ago), Bronze Dragon, and OP6, the Solar Angel. OP3: Bronze Dragon OP6: Solar … [Continue reading]

Chimera (OP5 Prize) Preview Video and some silliness …

That Teri Girl is still going strong, with another preview of another Organized Play prize: Chimera:   While we wait for the cards to go up into the Legion Builder ... Burning Ballista, Swooping Dragon is also proud to present to you a … [Continue reading]

Hieracopshinx (OP4 Prize) Preview Video

That Teri Girl is back again, with another preview of another Organized Play prize: Here are the cards (and, oh look, they're in the Legion Builder already!): Wave OP4 - Hieracosphinx: Seti-Ram and the Hieracosphinx Mauler plus these … [Continue reading]

More pictures from Toy Fair 2015

The folks over at ICv2 have some nice close-up pics on their web page. Give them some traffic love for sharing. Thanks to Raviv for pointing these out to us! New D&D Elemental Evil minis (note that any of these could end up being figures used … [Continue reading]

Spoilers about upcoming Organized Play events

Over on a German forum for DNDAW, "Dragon's Hollow"  (apologies to my German friends if I've butchered that), a retailer has revealed that an upcoming chapter of Organized Play is titled "Elemental Evil." Hmm ... Wizards of the Coast recently … [Continue reading]

Waves 4 and 5 now available on the Legion Builder

Shh ... the DungeonMaster has gone to sleep! Don't wake her! All the Wave 4 and Wave 5 Creatures have been added to the Legion Builder. Here we go ... (/takes a deep breath) Wave 4: Gargoyle: Malebolge and the Gargoyle Guardian plus these … [Continue reading]

Waves 4 and 5 revealed by Tom Vassel of Dice Tower

Wave 4 consists of Gargoyle, Gold Dragon, and a Stone Giant. Wave 5 consists of the Drow Elf Ranger, Red Dracolich, and Young Bronze Dragon. Wait a minute! Drow Elf Ranger. You know what that means! Wave 4: Wave 5: Tom also did reviews … [Continue reading]

Premium Brass Dragon announced

Wow! This will be the third Brass Dragon figure announced by Wiz Kids. The first was Sivart, the prize for the second Organized Play event (everyone went out and won one, right?). The second is a details-not-yet-revealed unit from Wave 8. Here … [Continue reading]