Water Cult Warrior and Adult White Dragon expansions revealed.

Hello folks, The Nationals for DNDAW were on Sunday and the remainder of Wave 6 (Water Cult Warrior and Adult White Dragon), Bahamut, and The Premium Ancient Silver Dragon units all showed up. The Water Cult Warrior and Adult White Dragon were … [Continue reading]

Tournament Update

The network situation is not cooperating with live streaming the tournament... but we will sneak in an occasional tweet @BurningBallista … [Continue reading]

Legion Builder Update: Shield Dwarf Fighter and bug fixes

We've added the Shield Dwarf Fighter cards to the Legion Builder: Ulfgar Ironfist Dwarf Warrior Furious Blow Toughness Focused Arrow-Catching Shield Ring of the Ram Potion of Heroism Hammer of Thunderbolts We've also reworked … [Continue reading]

Wave 12 Sneak Peek!

Dragonfly and I cornered Andrew Parks and Manny O'Donnell and got them to let us take a few pictures of one of the Wave 12 expansions: … [Continue reading]

Wave 5 Unboxing – Young Bronze, Drizzt, and Red Dracolich

Brett over at Graphic Policy has provided us a nice set of previews for Wave 5! Young Bronze Dragon … [Continue reading]

Legion Builder Updated in honor of the Queen of the Evil Dragons

Quick update, if by 'quick' I mean 'crikey this card was a pain in the neck'.  Queen of the Evil Dragons should now correctly deal with Breath Weapons not taking up slots. It will add new empty Dragon slots when you have Queen and breath … [Continue reading]

WizKids @ The Game Manufacturers Association Trade Show

Images from the GAMA Trade Show, which runs from March 16th through 20th, have been floating around the web for the last few days. These images have given us some additional information. We've tried to collect it here: First, let's start with … [Continue reading]

Tiamat added to Legion Builder

Premium 1: Tiamat has been added to the Legion Builder! … [Continue reading]

Terrifying Tiamat!

She's here! And scary: … [Continue reading]

D&D Attack Wing National Championship + Designer Meet & Beat

A few weeks back, WizKids announced their US National Championship would take place on April 11-12, 2015 in Glen Burnie, Maryland at Games and Stuff. WizKids will be having tournaments for Dice Masters, Heroclix, Star Trek Attack Wing, and … [Continue reading]