Legion Builder update! Now with set filtering.

We’ve added the ability to filter the Legion Builder based on which sets you own (or want to search through). The information gets saved in your local storage, so if you clear your cache, it will clear the saved sets.

Click the settings button on the upper right and you’ll see a list of all the sets. There’s a clear all and select all button. Create your list of sets and click close and no longer will you be teased by that one card you wish you had.



As always, Catsync did all the work, I’m just here to type it up and get credit.

Tiamat added to Legion Builder

Premium 1: Tiamat has been added to the Legion Builder!

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Glossary of Special Game Terms (Reference Cards)

One of our users helpfully pointed out that we had forgotten to make our Glossary of Special Game Terms easy to find (and only mentioned it at the bottom of the “Organized Play 1 prizes, plus new Glossary” post in November).

There is now a list of links available in the menu on the left (or down below if you’re on a device with a small resolution).

Here is the link for those of you who would like to bookmark it:


So far it only includes the information on the special reference cards for specific abilities (like the Wraith’s Incorporeal), but more terms will be added as needed.

Should we also add the terms listed in the rulebook’s index? Would that be useful to be able to look up terms such as “Exhaustion” or “Pressed Soldiers”?

Let us know in the comments and remember to watch the skies!

Legion Builder and phones…

Hey, all!

I’ve seen a few comments here and there about people having trouble using the Legion Builder on phones / small screens, so I wanted to highlight some of the steps we’ve taken to make the mobile experience better, and open up a discussion about what troubles still exist on small devices.

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Updates to Legion Builder

I just pushed some updates to the Legion Builder:

New Features:

  • On a creature: click an upgrade type icon, or an empty upgrade slot, to show upgrades of that type.
  • Hovering the mouse over an equipped upgrade will now show that upgrade’s details.


  • The mouse hover areas of the cards in the card list are more obvious.
  • Fixed the tooltip text on the color icons.

Bugs Fixed:

  • No longer trying to load images before a card is selected.
  • Invisibility will now save correctly when saving links.

The Legion Builder is Online

The D&D Attack Wing Legion Builder is now online at build.dndaw.com

It currently includes the Starter set and Wave 1 expansions. We did our best to make sure there are no errors in the database, but if you spot anything wrong please contact us and let us know.


Welcome to Burning Ballista, Swooping Dragon

We just put up the countdown clock for the release of Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing!

When the game releases, we will be opening up the web-based Legion Builder for general use. Features include…

  • You focus on strategy, we’ll do all the math and make sure your build is legal.
  • Filter cards based on Set, Element, Upgrade Slot type, or search the card text.
  • Save your legion as a link. Bookmark it for later or share online when discussing your latest build.
  • New cards available the same day they’re released in stores.

Coming soon:

  • Save your legion as a Tournament Sign Up Sheet PDF.
  • More search options.
  • Better mobile support.
  • Native mobile apps?

In addition, we’ll be posting suggested builds for those looking to jump into a game quickly, FAQ answers from the game’s developers, and other DND:AW news.

Leave a comment if you have suggestions, questions, or find anything broken in our site.

Thanks. See you in the skies :).