Legion Builder Update: Mobile Browser Support

The Legion Builder now includes better support for mobile browsers:


  • Improved mobile / low resolution layout.

New Features:

  • Tap Gesture: Tap a card once to show the card preview, tap again on the green button to add the card to your Legion.
  • Swipe Gesture: Swipe to the right on a card to immediately add it to your Legion.
    • A swiped Upgrade will be added to the first creature in the Legion that can equip it.

I was only able to test this on iOS devices and simulators for other devices, so let us know if you run into any glitches on other mobile platforms.


Legion Builder Updates 11/4/2014

We’ve updated the Legion Builder!

New Features:
– The “Print Legion” button: preview of support for printing Legion Build Sheets (coming soon, when the OPs start).
– Option to filter card list to show only equippable upgrades.

– Switch to upgrades list when previewing an equipped upgrade (not doing so was causing a display glitch).


Card View added to Legion Builder

The Legion Builder now supports linking to an individual card’s details.

Each card in the list now has a Link button that will open a new window showing that card’s details.

Updates to Legion Builder

I just pushed some updates to the Legion Builder:

New Features:

  • On a creature: click an upgrade type icon, or an empty upgrade slot, to show upgrades of that type.
  • Hovering the mouse over an equipped upgrade will now show that upgrade’s details.


  • The mouse hover areas of the cards in the card list are more obvious.
  • Fixed the tooltip text on the color icons.

Bugs Fixed:

  • No longer trying to load images before a card is selected.
  • Invisibility will now save correctly when saving links.

The Legion Builder is Online

The D&D Attack Wing Legion Builder is now online at build.dndaw.com

It currently includes the Starter set and Wave 1 expansions. We did our best to make sure there are no errors in the database, but if you spot anything wrong please contact us and let us know.


Welcome to Burning Ballista, Swooping Dragon

We just put up the countdown clock for the release of Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing!

When the game releases, we will be opening up the web-based Legion Builder for general use. Features include…

  • You focus on strategy, we’ll do all the math and make sure your build is legal.
  • Filter cards based on Set, Element, Upgrade Slot type, or search the card text.
  • Save your legion as a link. Bookmark it for later or share online when discussing your latest build.
  • New cards available the same day they’re released in stores.

Coming soon:

  • Save your legion as a Tournament Sign Up Sheet PDF.
  • More search options.
  • Better mobile support.
  • Native mobile apps?

In addition, we’ll be posting suggested builds for those looking to jump into a game quickly, FAQ answers from the game’s developers, and other DND:AW news.

Leave a comment if you have suggestions, questions, or find anything broken in our site.

Thanks. See you in the skies :).