Legion Builder update! Now with set filtering.

We’ve added the ability to filter the Legion Builder based on which sets you own (or want to search through). The information gets saved in your local storage, so if you clear your cache, it will clear the saved sets.

Click the settings button on the upper right and you’ll see a list of all the sets. There’s a clear all and select all button. Create your list of sets and click close and no longer will you be teased by that one card you wish you had.



As always, Catsync did all the work, I’m just here to type it up and get credit.

Feb 2016 Update – Young Green and Undead Red!

We’ve added the latest revealed sets to the Dungeon Builder.

Wave 10: Young Green Dragon

Young Green Dragon set

Young green mean machine.

Chuth and the Green Dragon plus these Upgrades have been added:

Poison Breath
Debilitating Poison
Eyes of the Eagle

OP 13: Othroden – Red Dracolich

Othroden plus these Upgrades have been added:

Fiendish Tyrant
Foul Scheme
Hunger of Hadar

OP 13’s participation prize: Cloak of Invisibility

Jan 2016 Update: Goblins, Ogre Mages, Driders, and Shadow Beholders!

Here’s a January update with the Goblins, Ogre Mage, Driders, and Shadow Beholder expansions!

Goblins expansion!

Grixom's Raiders

These guys are real troopers!

Grixom’s Raiders 1Grixom’s Raiders 2Grixom’s Raiders 3Grixom’s Raiders 4Grixom’s Raiders 5Grixom’s Raiders 6
Goblin Raiders 1Goblin Raiders 2Goblin Raiders 3Goblin Raiders 4Goblin Raiders 5Goblin Raiders 6

Heave Goblin
Goblin Conscripts
Sack of Rotten Meat
Malicious Glee
Plan of Attack
Dust of Disappearance


Ogre Mage

Ogre? I don’t even know her!

Wave 10: Ogre Mage expansion!

Monstrous Regeneration
Magic Glaive
Cone of Cold
Gaseous Form
Wand of the War Mage



Drider? I still don’t even know her

OP 12 Prize: Drider expansion!

Monstrous Hunter
Venomous Bite
Exploit Weakness
Poison Bow
OP 12 Participation Prize:
Ancient Lore



Beholder? I’d love to!


OP 10-12 Grand Prize: Shadow Beholder!
Break Resistance
Antimagic Cone
Paralyzing Ray
Death Ray
Enervation Ray

Nymmestra nerfed?

Hey folks. Word got back to us that the Pearl of Power card was valued incorrectly when given to Nymmestra in our Legion Builder.

We finally had some time to look and we see that it was indeed incorrect. Our original code just gave Nymmestra a discount in anything that fit in the Arcane slot, but she should only get that discount on Spells.

We’ve just deployed the fix.

Sorry Nymmestra, no more discounts on Pearl of Power, War Caster, or Spell Sniper.

Happy Halloween! Vrock Demon and Premium Brass Dragon added to the Legion Builder

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

Sure, Nightmare came out last month, and that would be a great release for Halloween, but we’ll have to deal with the Vrock Demon and Premium Brass Dragon instead.

Wave OP 10: Vrock Expansion

Chalthazar and the Bestial Fiend plus these Upgrades have been added:

Stunning Screech
Demon Spores
Dance of Ruin

And here is the new cards that you receive for participating:
Party Leader

Party Leader helps you build adventuring parties!

And you’ll need a party to take on Vargachir.

Vargachir plus these Upgrades have been added:

Flame Breath
Sleep Breath
Heroic Allies
Half-Elf Bard
Sleet Storm

Oh hey, Heroic Allies will work nicely with your new adventuring party!

Zephrylos has swept into the Legion Builder! (OP 8 Prize)

Two updates in one week? Who can live at this speed?

Wave OP 8: Air Elemental

Zephrylos and the Air Elemental Cyclone plus these Upgrades have been added:

Debris Cloud
Elemental Nature

Thunderbolt and Lightning? Very very frightening me.

Legion Builder: Quick Update 5/25/2015

Quick Legion Builder update:

In most cases you will no longer have to manually remove the upgrades from a creature before removing the creature from your legion. However, depending on the order or combination of upgrades in your legion, this might fail… in which case you should see an error message that gives you an idea of what to remove first.

Also, you can no longer remove a creature that has its alignment modified by a Corruption token.


Young Black Dragon expansion added to Legion Builder

Wave 9: Black Dragon

Vuthala and the Black Dragon plus these Upgrades have been added:

Acid Breath
True Strike
Amulet of Health

In addition to finishing up Wave 9, we’ve made fixes to a bunch of small errors that slipped into the Legion Builder for Waves 7-9. As always, thanks for pointing those out to us!

Griffon and Fire Cult Warrior (Wave 9) added to Legion Builder

Wave 9: Griffon

Borion and the Griffon Predator plus these Upgrades have been added:

Keen Sight
Anna Crimson
Alfie Butterblade
Pale Green Ioun Stone

Wave 9: Fire Cult Warrior

Bastian Embers and the Fire Cult Warrior plus these Upgrades have been added:

Reckless Attack
Fire Strider
Tears of Flame
Flaming Spear
Heart of Living Flame
Fire Shield
Flame Tongue

They’ve actually been up for several hours, but I only just made the lists!

The final expansion of Wave 9, the Young Black Dragon expansion, should be up later today.

Wave 7/8 Legion Builder links

Wave 7: Young Blue Dragon

Ulharos and the Blue Dragon plus these Upgrades have been added:

Lightning Breath
Ray of Sickness
Necklace of Adaptation

Wave 7: Earth Cult Warrior

Valen Shatterhelm and the Earth Cult Warrior plus these Upgrades have been added:

Improved Critical
Claws of the Umber Hulk
Armor Crystals
Exploding Gem

Wave 8: Mind Flayer

Zeno and the Illithid Taskmaster plus these Upgrades have been added:

Mind Blast
Psychic Crush
Extract Brain
Psionic Commander
Ego Whip
Globe of Invulnerability
Cloak of Resistance

Wave 8: Adult Brass Dragon

Janic and the Brass Dragon plus these Upgrades have been added:

Flame Breath
Sleep Breath
Draconic Nature
Gem of Seeing

Wave 8: Air Cult Warrior

Mortimer Flax and the Air Cult Warrior plus these Upgrades have been added:

Giant Vulture
Dagger of Venom