Tournament Update

The network situation is not cooperating with live streaming the tournament… but we will sneak in an occasional tweet @BurningBallista

Multi-Element Support in Legion Builder

The Legion Builder now has better support for  creatures with multiple elements.

That is all. 🙂


Legion Builder, now with Settings.

We’ve added some configurable settings to the Legion Builder. You access them with the cog button cogin the upper right near Print and Save.

For now, you can set the sort for Creatures or Upgrades to “Release Order”* or “Alphabetical”. You can also set whether or not to default to “Show only Equippable Upgrades”. We may add more as we go.

When you change settings, they are stored in your browser’s cache – so if you clear it or use a new browser, you will have to change your settings again.

*more or less.

Added Blackthorn and Cave Wyvern to Legion Builder

Blackthorn and the Cave Wyvern have been added to the Legion Builder, along with:

We’ll add the ground maneuver card when it’s revealed.

Legion Builder and phones…

Hey, all!

I’ve seen a few comments here and there about people having trouble using the Legion Builder on phones / small screens, so I wanted to highlight some of the steps we’ve taken to make the mobile experience better, and open up a discussion about what troubles still exist on small devices.

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Wave 2 Added to Builder: Movanic Deva Angel, Black Shadow Dragon, and Aarakocra Troop

We’ve added the Wave 2 sets to the Legion Builder:

  • Movanic Deva Angel – Sarpiel
  • Black Shadow Dragon – Umberlis
  • Aarakocra Troop


The Aarakocra Troop so far only has stats for one soldier. We’ll add more stats soon as they are available.

Update: All the troop stats are now in the  builder!


Legion Builder: Now with Maneuver Cards

I’ve updated the Legion Builder with these changes:

  • Printing now supports up to 10 creatures.
  • The card detail view now shows movement cards.
  • Hazirawn will no longer treat “Breath Weapon”s as another equipped weapon.

Remember: to get to the card detail view, you click on the link-iconnext to the card you want to view, or click on “Show Movement Card” from the preview panel.

I don’t have images yet for the maneuver arrows, but I’m amused by the ASCII-art arrows, so maybe we’ll keep it that way 🙂 What do you think?


New Cards Added: Paladin / Ontharr Frume

We’ve added the Human Paladin / Ontharr Frume booster cards to the Legion Builder.

Here’s the unboxing video.


New Cards Added! Rezmir: Half Black Dragon Fighter, and Rath Modar:Red Wizard

We’ve added cards to the Legion Builder for:

Half Black Dragon Fighter / Rezmir (unboxing video)

Red Wizard / Rath Modar (unboxing video)


Legion Builder Updates: Brass Dragon, Druid, Ranger

We’ve updated the Legion Builder to include:

OP2: Brass Dragon and Artifact

Human Ranger Booster

Wood Elf Druid Booster

Check out the Legion Builder for the details, and see the unboxing over at Teri’s youtube channel!