Legion Builder: Quick Update 5/25/2015

Quick Legion Builder update:

In most cases you will no longer have to manually remove the upgrades from a creature before removing the creature from your legion. However, depending on the order or combination of upgrades in your legion, this might fail… in which case you should see an error message that gives you an idea of what to remove first.

Also, you can no longer remove a creature that has its alignment modified by a Corruption token.


Legion Builder Update: Shield Dwarf Fighter and bug fixes

We’ve added the Shield Dwarf Fighter cards to the Legion Builder:

We’ve also reworked some of the innards of the Builder to make certain types of special card rules easier to add , and provide better error messages, especially for cards that cannot be unequipped for some reason.

We have automated tests that should help make sure we didn’t break anything, but it was a complex change, so there may be bugs. If you find any problems, let us know!

Other changes:

  • Fixed a bug when saving/loading a Legion containing Corruption.
  • Cannot remove a creature from your Legion while it has upgrades. This was causing inconsistencies in some cases.


In other news… Maka and I will be at the Wizkids National Championship tomorrow afternoon, and we may be live streaming some or all of the “Meet and Beat” games with Andrew Parks and Manny O’Donnell! I say “may” because neither of us has ever attempted this before, so as long as we can keep the gremlins at bay, it could happen :).

Stay tuned to the site for more updates tomorrow!


Legion Builder Updated in honor of the Queen of the Evil Dragons

Quick update, if by ‘quick’ I mean ‘crikey this card was a pain in the neck’.

  • ¬†Queen of the Evil Dragons should now correctly deal with Breath Weapons not taking up slots.

It will add new empty Dragon slots when you have Queen and breath weapons equipped. For now, it won’t allow you to unequip Queen if there are any breath weapons equipped, even if there are enough empty Dragon slots. We’ll fix that later if we can, to make it less confusing.

Other fixes to bugs sent in by readers:

  • Haste’s cost should now work again, after disappearing briefly.
  • Aerobat Amulet cost is now correct for Adult Bronze Dragons.
  • Fixed a typo with Tiamat.