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Zephrylos has swept into the Legion Builder! (OP 8 Prize)

Two updates in one week? Who can live at this speed?

Wave OP 8: Air Elemental

Zephrylos and the Air Elemental Cyclone plus these Upgrades have been added:

Debris Cloud
Elemental Nature

Thunderbolt and Lightning? Very very frightening me.

OP 8 Participation Prize cards added to builder – Spellcaster upgrades!

OP8 Participation Cards – Spellcaster (humanoids) rejoice!

The participation pack includes these quite nice upgrades for spellcasters:

War Caster (Arcane)
War Caster (Divine)
Spell Sniper (Arcane)
Spell Sniper (Divine)

Hello Disintegrate with a reroll!