OP7 Prize and Participation Prize added to Legion Builder


Huh? Oh, hey there. What? There’s new stuff?

/types furiously.

/wipes brow

Both the participation prize and the prize figure have been spoiled! And now they’ve been added to the Legion Build.

Wave: OP 7 Set Name: Earth Genasi Fighter

Owain Montis and the
Earth-Born Champion plus these Upgrades have been added:

Earth Walk
Greatsword of Life Stealing
Magic Stone

Wave: OP 7, Set Name: OP Participation

Commander – Heroic version
Commander – Monster version
Veterans – Heroic version
Veterans – Monster version
Moment of Glory – Heroic version
Moment of Glory – Monster version

Troops are going to like the Moment of Glory card.


  1. Tanithilis says:

    I’ll admit, I was concerned you had abandoned this website. I am pleased you have not.

    • Nope! Just busy and not a lot new to talk about. Though, I really should have posted about the winners of the World event.

  2. Fabulous! I’m very excited for this. That is one beefy, high-level fighter. I think that sword and the stone could see a lot of use with my legions as well…

  3. Brandon Palmer says: