Griffon and Fire Cult Warrior (Wave 9) added to Legion Builder

Wave 9: Griffon

Borion and the Griffon Predator plus these Upgrades have been added:

Keen Sight
Anna Crimson
Alfie Butterblade
Pale Green Ioun Stone

Wave 9: Fire Cult Warrior

Bastian Embers and the Fire Cult Warrior plus these Upgrades have been added:

Reckless Attack
Fire Strider
Tears of Flame
Flaming Spear
Heart of Living Flame
Fire Shield
Flame Tongue

They’ve actually been up for several hours, but I only just made the lists!

The final expansion of Wave 9, the Young Black Dragon expansion, should be up later today.


  1. The weaker version of the Young Black Dragon is listed as wave 7 instead of 9 😉

  2. I’m wondering if a detail has been left off of Heart of Living Flame. It is a divine spell that requires being a fire cult barbarian to equip but does not have the text about being able to equip in a different slot and the creature does not have divine slots? Did I miss something or is something missing?

    Thank you for this awesome resource.