Big Bad Bahamut added to Legion Builder

Sorry for the delay folks, but we’re happy to announce that Bahamut has now been added to the Legion Builder.

Premium 2: Bahamut

Bahamut and these Upgrades have been added:

Cold Breath
Disintegration Breath
King of the Good Dragons
Holy Aura

Ossalur, the third Premium figure, an Ancient Silver Dragon, should be up soon.


  1. Jimmy Froglett says:

    Sorry, but how is Disintegration Breath better than any other type of breath attack? What am I getting for my 1 extra point?

  2. Unlike Fire, Cold, Acid, and other elemental breaths, there are no Creatures who get automatic evades against a Disintegration Breath.

  3. Also in scenarios such as OP4 this breath would pierce the cart and walls. I would have killed to have it for that scenario

  4. It also works against Calamity and frozen gargoyles as it ignores armor instead of just penatrating.