Wave 5 Unboxing – Young Bronze, Drizzt, and Red Dracolich

Brett over at Graphic Policy has provided us a nice set of previews for Wave 5!

Young Bronze Dragon

Drizzt (technically, Drow Elf Ranger, but we know …)

Red Dracolich

All the cards from these expansions have been added to the Legion Builder.

The Dracolich figure might be my new favorite sculpt, but Drizzt’s expansion seems very usable. Which was your favorite of Wave 5?




  1. Believe it or not, but I still consider Red Adult Dragon the best sculpt out of the whole lot.
    I’m actually thinking of getting Drizzt -> Young Bronze -> Red Dracolich. Out of all 3, I am least excited about the Young Bronze Dragon, but nonetheless, I am anxiously for my stuff to arrive!