D&D Attack Wing National Championship + Designer Meet & Beat

A few weeks back, WizKids announced their US National Championship would take place on April 11-12, 2015 in Glen Burnie, Maryland at Games and Stuff.

WizKids will be having tournaments for Dice Masters, Heroclix, Star Trek Attack Wing, and Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing, as well as other events (see the event list).

The Prize Structure for the DNDAW US Championship looks like this:

  • The Winner will receive:
    • An invitation to the 2015 Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing World Championship
    • A Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing Bahamut Premium Figure
  • Top 2 will receive:
    • A Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing Tiamat Premium Figure
  • Top 4 will receive:
    • A Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing Silver Dragon Premium Figure

In addition to the tournament, the Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing designers, Andrew Parks and Manny O’Donnell will be attending on Sunday, April 12th for a Meet and Greet Sunday morning, and, as a bonus prize to participants in the tournament, two random players who did not make the Top 4 will be selected to compete with Andrew or Manny in a game of Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing!

If they win, they will get an opportunity to work with Andrew and Manny to create a new Upgrade Card that will be released in a future Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing product!

The Meet and Greet is scheduled for 10am (EST) and the designers will be signing game items if desired.

The match is scheduled for 2pm, or whenever the tournament Swiss rounds are over. The Format is 120 point constructed Legion.

The DungeonMaster and I will also be there, though in no official capacity, but we’ll be around during both the Meet and Greet and the match, so let us know if you use DNDAW.com, we’d love to hear from you!

We could also, if desired, bring a list of questions for those of you who can’t make it.

So, what do you need to know? What questions do you have for Andrew or Manny (or us)?

(Besides the poop token question, it’s already on the list)