Wyvern and other neutral tease

Over on Board Game Geek, Andrew Parks dropped some more teaser information.

Here are the highlights, but head over there and read the details:

  1. Wyverns are vicious, have a fierce bite and tall attack that is “as powerful as that of a medium strength dragon.”
  2. The named wyvern is “sometimes striking with teeth and tail during the same round.”
  3. A wyvern’s tail has a stinger with powerful poison that’s “as strong as Balagos’ bite when he’s really angry.”
  4. The wyvern’s stinger can also cause wounds that “may fester and impede your abilities in unpredictable ways.”
  5. In the air, wyverns can “grab their targets with both claws” and allowing for an extra tail attack. Andrew says “This is the only way in Attack Wing so far to make a tail attack from your forward arc.”
  6. A “ferocious wyverns is much less likely to let an attack slip by without scoring at least 1 hit.” Andrew also says that “many monsters are ferocious.”
  7. Wyverns (and other monsters) are alert, making it harder to hit them from a medium range.
  8. Wyverns have treasures, perhaps a “small dagger” that “may have sulfuric properties that seep through armor and continue to damage an opponent over time.”

In the same thread, Andrew says that the wyverns aren’t as strong as dragons and that dragon upgrades will not work on them.

So, a PMV like a medium strength dragon (Eshaedra, 4?), an attack that is as strong as an angry Balagos (6?), some sort of tail follow-up attack, and more.

The wyvern expansion sounds like a lot of fun! I can’t wait to see what Shirley has!

Finally, Andrew also lets us know that stone giants, the wood elf druid, and griffons are all neutral.