Glossary of Special Game Terms (Reference Cards)

One of our users helpfully pointed out that we had forgotten to make our Glossary of Special Game Terms easy to find (and only mentioned it at the bottom of the “Organized Play 1 prizes, plus new Glossary” post in November).

There is now a list of links available in the menu on the left (or down below if you’re on a device with a small resolution).

Here is the link for those of you who would like to bookmark it:

So far it only includes the information on the special reference cards for specific abilities (like the Wraith’s Incorporeal), but more terms will be added as needed.

Should we also add the terms listed in the rulebook’s index? Would that be useful to be able to look up terms such as “Exhaustion” or “Pressed Soldiers”?

Let us know in the comments and remember to watch the skies!


  1. Yes, having one spot to look would be helpful.

  2. Thank you!! 🙂