Legion Builder and phones…

Hey, all!

I’ve seen a few comments here and there about people having trouble using the Legion Builder on phones / small screens, so I wanted to highlight some of the steps we’ve taken to make the mobile experience better, and open up a discussion about what troubles still exist on small devices.

We just made a new change that should help

The top navigation bar is no longer “sticky” when on a small screen. This should allow you to more easily zoom in on the builder and scroll around without having the top bar take up half the screen.

Previous mobile enhancements

A while back we made some changes to support touch screen devices, but maybe we didn’t do a good enough job highlighting those changes, especially for new folks who didn’t see that post. So, we’ve updated the Help Page to include some info about tap gestures, as well as added some info about mobile devices within the “you have no creatures in your Legion yet” text in the builder itself.

Short version: you may have to tap twice to add a card to your Legion (the first tap loads the “preview” of the card on some devices). You can also swipe-right on a card to add it.

Native Mobile Apps

We do have plans for a mobile version, but right now it’s lower priority than some other oft-requested features, such as saving/linking of named lists (stay tuned! 🙂 ).

In the meantime…

We are trying to make sure the web version is useable on mobile devices, but we need your help! We don’t have access to every size and type of device that you use to access the site, so if you’re having trouble with the builder on your phone, please contact us (or comment below) and give us as much detail as you can about the problem you’re having, as well as the type of phone, operating system, etc, that you’re using. Screenshots help, too! We’ll do what we can to make things better.




  1. That’s great, thanks! Would it be possible to make the legion building box stretch vertically more so we can screen shot our squadrons without/with less scrolling?

  2. Olaf Stieglitz says:

    Hey, I just noticed a mistake in the buider (hope, I’m not wrong again with this one)… The warhorse should not be able to be equipped with a ballista…
    Thanks for the great work!

  3. Good catch Olaf. 🙂 Should be fixed now.