Organized Play 1 prizes, plus new Glossary

The first Organized Play events for Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing happened this weekend. Did you get a chance to play?

First, let’s talk about the Participation Prizes:

Scales of Tiamat / Scales of Bahamut

These are two versions of the same card. Here is the text from the Scales of Tiamat:

When you are defending, you may discard this Upgrade at the start of the Roll Defense Dice step of Combat to roll a number of extra defense dice equal to the number of Artifacts of Tiamat remaining in your Legion, including this one.

Cannot be equipped by a Good Creature.

Cost: Number of Artifacts of Tiamat in your Legion at the start of the game.

The Bahamut version of the card cannot be equipped by an Evil Creature.

The costs is equal to the amount of these artifacts in your Legion. So a single Artifact of Tiamat/Bahamut  only costs 1 Legion Point, two cost 2 Legion Points each, and 5 would cost 5 Legion Points each,  for a total of 25 Legion Points. Since these Artifacts are unique, it is safe to assume there will be more Artifacts of Tiamat/Bahamut.

These come with reference cards for the Adornments of TIamat and the Regalia of Bahamut. Here is the text from the Adornments if Tiamat card:

  1. Any Artifact with the word “Tiamat” in its title is considered an Artifact of Tiamat. A player can include multiple Artifacts of Tiamat in his Legion, as long as each Artifact is equipped by a different Creature.
  2. The Artifacts of Tiamat feature the Universal Upgrade Icon, which means that Creatures can use any Upgrade slot to equip them.

Again, the Bahamut version replaces the word “Tiamat” with “Bahamut.”

Since each Artifact of Tiamat/Bahamut must be equipped by a different Creature, this means that you will need 5 Creatures in order to equip 5 of these artifacts. These cards also introduce the “Universal Upgrade” for the first time.

Now let’s talk about the prize (which is why you came here, right?):

Ancient White Dragon


The unique Ancient White Dragon, Arveiaturace, clocks in at 48 Legion Points, with only Lord Maximillian higher (at 50). Her unique ability is to equip Close Quarters for free, plus she gets a +1 attack die with her Claw attacks.

Her Upgrades are:

Cold Breath – a range 3 cone

Frozen – after damaging a Creature with Cold Breath, you can prevent it from choosing a maneuver greater than “1 – I recommend singing “Let It Go” when you activate this

Tail Sweep – allows ancient dragons to turn their tail attack into an area attack

Wingstorm – allows a dragon with a large base to attack everyone within Range 1 at the cost of becoming exhausted

Primal Hunter – lets you convert an enemy’s dodge result into a blank result

Feeblemind – the only non-Dragon Upgrade, Feeblemind is a level 9 Arcane spell that prevents a Creature from activating any Spell Upgrades.

We have also added a Glossary of terms that are on reference cards, including the new Adornments of Tiamat and Regalia of Bahamut, as well as reference cards like Lord Maximilian’s Incorporeal.

More terms will be added as they are revealed.


  1. so, if one does not play in the organized play event, it is not possible to have access to the same cards as other players who did participate?

    I take it that this will skew competitive play in favor of those who have won more prizes from past events?

  2. I don’t think it will skew competitive play, Sean, as long as the models are balanced then 120 points is 120 points. Competitive players have enough information that they could proxy it up anyway and prepare how to best face it.

  3. Wes shultz says:

    And the white dragon will be released for the mass market in March/April 2015

  4. We do not know if that dragon is the same dragon, but there is a white dragon scheduled to be released.