Legion Builder Updates: Brass Dragon, Druid, Ranger

We’ve updated the Legion Builder to include:

OP2: Brass Dragon and Artifact

Human Ranger Booster

Wood Elf Druid Booster

Check out the Legion Builder for the details, and see the unboxing over at Teri’s youtube channel!




  1. Hiya, just wondering if the wording you have for the Druid and Ranger stuff is what the cards actually say, or paraphrased? Soom don’t seem consistent with Teri’s interpretation of how the cards work in her video. Also, the unique character abilities in refer to the character in the third person, which is inconsistent with other card templates which use “your” – is that paraphrasing, or poor templating from WK?

  2. The Legion Builder card text should be the same text that is on the cards. If it isn’t, we made a mistake and will fix it :).

    I forget exactly what Teri said but I think there were a few mistakes. But hey, it’s first impressions, not an in-depth rules analysis.

    Some creatures use “you” (like Jarl Horn) and some use “he” or “she” (Balagos). So i guess these are consistently inconsistent. 😉

    • Haha ywah, I saw that shortly after I posted my comment.
      Well done for getting all the new spoilers up so quickly! Just a shame I’ll have to wait so long for the physical product to find its way over to the UK…