Adding Up Your Dice

Don’t forget to check for all your dice bonuses and penalties. Your opponent might not be nice enough to remind you that you forgot to roll a die you were eligible to roll.

For example, let’s say you are using Balagos, you’ve taken a few damage, and you’re attacking an undamaged enemy creature.

Did you charge? +1 attack die.

Did you opponent pivot? +1 attack die.

Balagos has taken more damage than his target? +1 attack die.

So, if you charged, and your opponent pivoted, and Balagos has taken more damage, he gets to roll 8 attack dice!

Did you cast Haste this turn? -1 attack die.

If Balagos used Haste instead of Charge, he gets to choose if he wants to make a single 5 die attack, or two 4 dice attacks.

If his opponent has pivoted, add +1 attack die to each of those attacks. If he’s taken more damage than his target, add another +1 attack die. Now Balagos can decide to make a single 7 die attack or two 5 dice attacks.

Note, however, if you damage the opponent on the first attack so that Balagos no longer has more damage cards, you would not get the +1 attack die on the second roll.

How about equipping Haste and Close Quarters? This means that Balagos bites for 4 dice, then get two Claw attacks at 3 dice (base of 5 -2 attack dice), then another Bite for 4 dice followed by two more Claw attacks at 3 dice.

Again, all of those attacks would be increased if your opponent had pivoted or if Balagos had taken more damage than his target.

But wait, there’s more!

If Balagos teams up with someone with Leadership, he could cast Haste on himself, and then use Charge as a free action when Leadership is used on him, giving him yet another +1 attack die on those six attacks.

Spread the Love

While Close Quarters requires you to make the additional attacks against the same creature, Haste does not! This means you can Bite-Claw-Claw one creature, and assuming you’re in range, Bite-Claw-Claw a second creature.

Balagos tells me this is his favorite combination of upgrades, as it makes it easier to eat troops!


  1. I will definitely be reeling with all of the combo possibilities from this game I feel… But all the different ways that I can watch a dragon eat a bunch of elves is pretty cool