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Legion Builder: Now with Maneuver Cards

I’ve updated the Legion Builder with these changes:

  • Printing now supports up to 10 creatures.
  • The card detail view now shows movement cards.
  • Hazirawn will no longer treat “Breath Weapon”s as another equipped weapon.

Remember: to get to the card detail view, you click on the link-iconnext to the card you want to view, or click on “Show Movement Card” from the preview panel.

I don’t have images yet for the maneuver arrows, but I’m amused by the ASCII-art arrows, so maybe we’ll keep it that way 🙂 What do you think?


Holiday Gaming

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers!

We had a chance to show the game to our nephews on Thanksgiving and they loved it.

Balagos and Galaderos faced off against Jarl Horn and Eshaedra. Jarl Horn and Galaderos both took Upgrades that increased their armor to 2, which meant that all four Creatures had 2 armor.

Our nephews rolled quite well, but with 2 armor on everyone and some poor maneuvering choices, it was hard for them to get any damage through.

Eshaedra was the MVP of the game, getting 3 hits and 1 critical hit with her Lightning Breath on the previously uninjured Balagos. The critical effect was Stunned (prevents a Creature from attacking) leaving Balagos unable to retaliate that turn or the next!

The kids had a great time playing it and we had a great time showing them the game.

They liked it so much, we’ll be mentioning it to Santa.

New Cards Added: Paladin / Ontharr Frume

We’ve added the Human Paladin / Ontharr Frume booster cards to the Legion Builder.

Here’s the unboxing video.


New Cards Added! Rezmir: Half Black Dragon Fighter, and Rath Modar:Red Wizard

We’ve added cards to the Legion Builder for:

Half Black Dragon Fighter / Rezmir (unboxing video)

Red Wizard / Rath Modar (unboxing video)


Legion Builder Updates: Brass Dragon, Druid, Ranger

We’ve updated the Legion Builder to include:

OP2: Brass Dragon and Artifact

Human Ranger Booster

Wood Elf Druid Booster

Check out the Legion Builder for the details, and see the unboxing over at Teri’s youtube channel!



Let’s All Do the Bump

(How can you go wrong with a shameless MC Hammer reference to start a post?)

In Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing, bumping is different than in either the Star Wars: X-Wing or Star Trek: Attack Wing games.

In DNDAW, bumps do not cause you to lose actions (bolded because it is really important to remember) and, if the Creature that is currently moving is a flying Creature and the Creature they overlap (bump into) is a ground Creature, the flying Creature can choose to continue flying forward over the ground Creature.

This is explained on page 27 of the Starter Set Rulebook but, based on questions I saw over the weekend, some people are still a little confused about how it works.

So here goes:

If your movement ends with your base overlapping the base of another Creature, what happens depends on what kind of Creature you are and what kind of Creature you overlap.

  • If you are a ground Creature, you move your Creature back along the maneuver template until your base no longer overlaps any other Creature’s base.
  • If you are a flying Creature and your base overlaps with another flying Creature’s base (that has not landed) you move your Creature back along the maneuver template until your base no longer overlaps any other Creature’s base.
  • If you are a flying Creature and your base overlaps with a ground Creature’s base (or the base of a flying Creature that has landed) you have two choices.
    • You may choose to move your Creature back along the maneuver template until your base no longer overlaps any other Creatures.
    • You may also choose to continue, in a straight path, until you clear the ground (or landed flying) Creature’s base. If this causes you to overlap your base with a flying Creature’s base, you will have to move your Creature back along the maneuver template until your base no longer overlaps any other Creatures, but if this causes your base to overlap another ground Creature’s base, you will continue forward. You will continue forward until:
      • you find a spot your Creature fits in (with no base overlapping)
      • you bump into a flying Creature (which would require you to move all the way back until you fit)
      • you reach the edge of the game area, which would be considered Fleeing the Battlefield (see page 26 of the rulebook).

I have seen a dragon fly over an entire Troop and the frost giant behind them, moving across almost half the play area.

Once you’ve chosen to have your flying Creature fly over the ground (or grounded) Creature, you have committed to that movement. It is easy to eliminate your own Creature if you are not careful.

If your flying Creature was executing a wingover/roundable/u-turn maneuver when they bump a ground Creature, they still get to complete it (to turn around) regardless of if they stop in front of the ground Creature or fly over it.

Just to be clear, when you’re using a straight maneuver to fly over a ground creature you overlapped, you move just far enough to clear the overlapped creature. You would not grab the Straight 6 and go zooming off!

You can use this to sneakily move your Flying Creatures across the map by having them fly over your own landed/grounded Creatures!

Troops have special rules for if the point man fits  but other soldiers do not fit. See the “Pressed Soldiers section on page 31 in the rulebook for more on this. The very short version is that it is bad to have pressed soldiers in a Troop.

Overrun Checks will be the subject of a future post and should not be mistaken for bumping. See page 26 of the rulebook for the Overrun Check rules.

TL:DR version: Flying Creatures can fly over/past ground or landed Creatures, continuing forward using a Straight template until they either A) no longer overlap another creature’s base, B) bump into a Flying Creature, or C) are eliminated from leaving the play area.

See you in the skies!

Legion Builder Bug fixes 11/18/2014

Quick update to the Legion Builder to fix some errors:

– fixed a bug where loading a legion from a link would allow some upgrades to be double equipped
– fixed a bug when printing a legion containing multiple copies of the same creature


Organized Play 1 prizes, plus new Glossary

The first Organized Play events for Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing happened this weekend. Did you get a chance to play?

First, let’s talk about the Participation Prizes:

Scales of Tiamat / Scales of Bahamut

These are two versions of the same card. Here is the text from the Scales of Tiamat:

When you are defending, you may discard this Upgrade at the start of the Roll Defense Dice step of Combat to roll a number of extra defense dice equal to the number of Artifacts of Tiamat remaining in your Legion, including this one.

Cannot be equipped by a Good Creature.

Cost: Number of Artifacts of Tiamat in your Legion at the start of the game.

The Bahamut version of the card cannot be equipped by an Evil Creature.

The costs is equal to the amount of these artifacts in your Legion. So a single Artifact of Tiamat/Bahamut  only costs 1 Legion Point, two cost 2 Legion Points each, and 5 would cost 5 Legion Points each,  for a total of 25 Legion Points. Since these Artifacts are unique, it is safe to assume there will be more Artifacts of Tiamat/Bahamut.

These come with reference cards for the Adornments of TIamat and the Regalia of Bahamut. Here is the text from the Adornments if Tiamat card:

  1. Any Artifact with the word “Tiamat” in its title is considered an Artifact of Tiamat. A player can include multiple Artifacts of Tiamat in his Legion, as long as each Artifact is equipped by a different Creature.
  2. The Artifacts of Tiamat feature the Universal Upgrade Icon, which means that Creatures can use any Upgrade slot to equip them.

Again, the Bahamut version replaces the word “Tiamat” with “Bahamut.”

Since each Artifact of Tiamat/Bahamut must be equipped by a different Creature, this means that you will need 5 Creatures in order to equip 5 of these artifacts. These cards also introduce the “Universal Upgrade” for the first time.

Now let’s talk about the prize (which is why you came here, right?):

Ancient White Dragon


The unique Ancient White Dragon, Arveiaturace, clocks in at 48 Legion Points, with only Lord Maximillian higher (at 50). Her unique ability is to equip Close Quarters for free, plus she gets a +1 attack die with her Claw attacks.

Her Upgrades are:

Cold Breath – a range 3 cone

Frozen – after damaging a Creature with Cold Breath, you can prevent it from choosing a maneuver greater than “1 – I recommend singing “Let It Go” when you activate this

Tail Sweep – allows ancient dragons to turn their tail attack into an area attack

Wingstorm – allows a dragon with a large base to attack everyone within Range 1 at the cost of becoming exhausted

Primal Hunter – lets you convert an enemy’s dodge result into a blank result

Feeblemind – the only non-Dragon Upgrade, Feeblemind is a level 9 Arcane spell that prevents a Creature from activating any Spell Upgrades.

We have also added a Glossary of terms that are on reference cards, including the new Adornments of Tiamat and Regalia of Bahamut, as well as reference cards like Lord Maximilian’s Incorporeal.

More terms will be added as they are revealed.

Legion Builder: OP 1 Cards Added

We’ve added the White Dragon set and participation prizes from OP 1 to the Legion Builder.


Legion Builder: Print Build Sheet enabled!

The Legion Builder can now print your legion on the OP Legion Build Sheet!

Note: So far it only handles up to 4 creatures, that will be fixed soon.