Starter Set First Play Suggestions

The Starter set will be flying in in the near future, so we thought we would offer a suggestion on how to jump right in without getting overwhelmed by options!

If you’re playing with 3 players, it’s fairly easy to divide up the dragons.

Balagos, the red, is the biggest, with an attack of 5, health of 6, and 2 armor.

Here are three suggested builds that each add up to 50 Legion Points, giving you a fair 3 player match-up.

Balagos himself is 42 Points, only giving us 8 points to play with. Later you can build bigger legions, but 8 points will be plenty for an introductory game.

You’ll be wanting to give your dragons access to their breath weapons. Since Balagos is a Fire Creature, he’ll want Fire Breath. He could equip a different breath weapon, but he would pay extra to do so. The basic elemental breath upgrades have a point cost equal to the Creature’s Primary Weapon Value. Balagos is a big beefy 5, making Fire Breath Cost 5 Legion Points.

With only 3 Legion Points remaining, there are still a surprisingly large amount of options, but for this first game, I suggest Searing Flames, which is a nice follow up to Balagos’ Fire Breath, as it allows you to do an additional damage to 1 Creature you just damaged with Fire Breath. Searing Flames is 3 Legion Points, so that brings us to an even 50.

Balagos 50 LP build:

balagos-startEshaedra, the blue, is a bit smaller. She has an attack of 4, a health of 5, and 2 armor. She costs 39 Legion Points, giving us bit more room that Balagos had. Again, we’ll want a breath weapon. In Eshaedra’s case, we’ll be equipping Lightning Breath. Her Primary Weapon Value of 4 makes Lightning Breath cost 4 Legion Points.

We still have 7 Legion Points left, and again, that leaves a lot of options, but for this introductory game, let’s play with the obvious follow up to Lightning Breath, System Shock. System Shock costs 3 Legion Points and let’s you prevent a Creature you’ve just damaged with Lightning Breath from taking any Actions on the following turn. This means no Charges, Concentrates, or any of the sneakier Actions Creatures can play.

That leaves us with 3 more Legion Points, so let’s take a look at the card that only Eshaedra herself can equip: Devotrix of Tiamat*. This Upgrade allows you to roll an extra attack die against Creatures in your forward arc and let’s you reroll blank results once!

* Tiamat? Hmm, that sounds important, but it’s probably just some flavor text…

Eshaedra 50 LP build:

eshaedra-startFinally we have the only Good dragon in the Starter Set, Galadaeros. The Copper Dragon is the smallest of the starting dragons with an attack of only 3, a health of 5, and only 1 armor. Let’s face it. The Evil dragons will probably team up to kill Galadaeros, so he’ll have to play a little smarter. Fortunately, he is the highest Level Creature in the Starter Set, so he will get to move last and attack first!

In your first game, you may want to ask the player with the most experience with tactical games to play Galadaeros, as he doesn’t get to roll as many attack dice as the other two dragons and needs to depend on more than brute strength.

Galadaeros’ lower stats means he only costs 37 Legion Points. He will still want his breath weapon, as it can penetrate the two Armor that both Eshaedra and Balagos have. His breath is an Acid Breath and it costs 3 Legion Points.

Galadaeros won’t want to let the other two dragons get too close, so slowing them down with Slow Breath, which also takes away a defense die, is a good choice and costs another 3 Legion Points.

Trickster lets Galadaeros play with his enemies, disabling their Upgrades. A very nice ability for 4 Legion Points.

Galadaeros still has 3 more Legion Points to spend. If you want to just help him live a little longer, you can equip False Life, a spell that can absorb some of the damage you take.

If Galadaeros is feeling a bit more frisky, he can take two other spells instead, Ray of Enfeeblement, which can lower the amount of attack dice your enemies get to roll and Blur, which makes his defense dice more effective. These spells cost 1 and 2 Legion Points, respectively.

Keep in mind that Spells, like many other Upgrades, need to be activated to work. Simply equipping them is not enough.

Galadaeros False Life 50 LP build:


Galadaeros Ray of Enfeeblement and Blur 50 LP build:

gally-start-ray-and-blurEach Unique Creature also has a special ability. I won’t go into them in this post, but you should keep each of them in mind when choosing how to build your Legion and how to play each Creature!

See you in the skies!