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(Update: 9/29/2014)

Our best info has the release date as October 22 for both the Starter Set and Wave 1 Expansions.


Just for the record: we are not WizKids. Right now the release date countdown is set to October 1st – but we’re not entirely sure this is accurate :).

We’re working to find out the official release date of the Starter and Wave 1 Expansions. When we have further information, we’ll let you know.


Welcome to Burning Ballista, Swooping Dragon

We just put up the countdown clock for the release of Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing!

When the game releases, we will be opening up the web-based Legion Builder for general use. Features include…

  • You focus on strategy, we’ll do all the math and make sure your build is legal.
  • Filter cards based on Set, Element, Upgrade Slot type, or search the card text.
  • Save your legion as a link. Bookmark it for later or share online when discussing your latest build.
  • New cards available the same day they’re released in stores.

Coming soon:

  • Save your legion as a Tournament Sign Up Sheet PDF.
  • More search options.
  • Better mobile support.
  • Native mobile apps?

In addition, we’ll be posting suggested builds for those looking to jump into a game quickly, FAQ answers from the game’s developers, and other DND:AW news.

Leave a comment if you have suggestions, questions, or find anything broken in our site.

Thanks. See you in the skies :).